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Q: What happens when my magnetic detector is beyond reasonable repair?

A: We will return the detector to you or you may opt to have a $50 credit applied to your current or future service order.

Q: How do I pay for the completed work?

A: You have a choice of using American Express, Visa and Master Card.

Terms for qualified accounts (may delay first order).

Government P.O.'s are welcomed.

    Q: For how long is the detector guaranteed?

    A. We offer the best repair guarantee in the industry -- a seven-month warranty on work performed. Our technical experts will examine all aspects of your magnetic detector to ensure that the detector will continue to work after our warranty expires. This warranty is made with proper usage considered, damage due to abuse or neglect will not be covered by the warranty.

    Company Repair Policy:

    Atlas Electronics, Inc. will repair any magnetic detector and guarantee the work performed for a period of seven months from the date the detectors are picked up or the date that the detectors are shipped to the customer. When a magnetic detector is sent back for repairs for warranty work, a technician will examine the problem and determine if the damage is a result of normal operation or due to neglect or abuse. If the damage is due to normal operation, it will be repaired and sent back to you freight free. In the event the detector has problems due to improper use and/or neglect, a service representative will contact you to discuss your options. Please call our toll free number (866) 631-2901 for questions regarding our services.

    Return Instructions
    • Don’t forget to include a return address and phone number!
    • If your shipping and billing addresses are different, be sure that the information is noted with the product being sent for repair.
    • A short note describing the symptoms, shipped with the instrument, can often help us diagnose the problem and expedite the repair process.
    • It is best to ship locators in their carrying cases. Insure your packages. It is the responsibility of the customer and the shipper to get the package to us undamaged.
    • If your locator has damage resulting from leaking or ruptured batteries, do not remove the batteries. Contact us prior to sending the unit in for repair. Our customer service department will furnish you with essential information and guidance on how to proceed with your repair shipment.

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    Nationwide shipping and repair available
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